Overcome Self Defeating Efforts to Please Others



Imagine being able to do what you want without worrying about what other people think…

If you spend your life focused on pleasing other people, it can create a situation where you are never able to feel happy. You have to learn how to take time for yourself and pursue your own dreams. Living through and for others will only keep you from reaching your personal goals.

Does your happiness revolve entirely around making other people happy?

Are you uncertain about who you really are because you focus so much on other people?

Do you spend time worrying about other people rejecting you or thinking that you are not good enough?

Are you unhappy, but do not know what you can do to change the situation?

If you live your life entirely for other people, then you never have a chance to grow as an individual. Although it is natural to take loved ones into consideration, there are times when you need to make decisions based on your own wants, needs and dreams. By living entirely for other people, you are limiting your ability to be your best and experience life.


 Being able to work toward your dreams

Not worrying about what other people think, say or do

Removing the negative thoughts and fears that are preventing you from being your best

Enjoying a happy, fulfilling life

Getting to be yourself

There are many reasons why you may be focused on pleasing other people, but they all result in a less healthy and happy life. The thoughts and fears that drive the desire to please other people have taken a lifetime to take hold, so you will need help in getting rid of them. Through hypnosis, you will learn how to take these negative emotions and transform them into positive affirmations. This allows you to experience a new level of self-confidence that lets you go after what you want out of life.

Hypnosis is a completely natural state that works with your subconscious to achieve results. Most of the intuitive feelings, thoughts and fears that drive your conscious behaviors are located within your subconscious mind. By targeting your subconscious through hypnosis, you are able to cut off negative emotions at their roots. As you listen to the Overcome Self Defeating Efforts to Please Others hypnosis download, you will be given positive affirmations and behaviors to replace these negative emotions.

You may be afraid of rejection or abandonment, but these emotions are irrational. As a well-rounded, unique person, you have what it takes to live your dreams and enjoy your life. Hypnosis can help you to realize your full potential by removing the mental blocks that are forcing you to only focus on what other people think. Through listening to the hypnosis download, you are able to remove this mental block and stop focusing on pleasing other people. This allows you to live a happier, healthier life without the fears that are currently holding you down. To find out how hypnosis can help you live a more fulfilling life, download the Overcome Self Defeating Efforts to Please Others hypnosis mp3 today.

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Overcome Self Defeating Efforts to Please Others