Overcome a Relationship Break Up

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Imagine handling a breakup and being able to move on with your life…

If you are overwhelmed by emotions and obsessive thoughts stemming from a relationship breakup, hypnosis can help.

Do you spend your waking hours thinking only about your ex?

Do you feel like it is impossible to move on?

Have you tried dating again, but no one else seems to compare?

Hypnosis is designed to reprogram your mind and identify the triggers that lead to obsessive thinking. By replacing negative thoughts with positive ideas, hypnosis can cause behavioral changes that help to reprogram the way that you think about a breakup. You can move forward in life and start the healing process.


Replacing negative thoughts with positive behaviors like exercising or going out 

Sleeping better without thoughts about the relationship nagging you

Moving on in life and enjoying a happier existence.

After a breakup, your first goal should be to move forward. You may feel like you are trapped in the past, and you might spend your time wondering how things could have been different. Through mental suggestions, hypnosis can help you to change your perspective. Rather than focus on what could have been, hypnosis will train your mind to stop overthinking and to become empowered. Through mental training, you can begin the process of moving on with your life.

When you have just ended a relationship, everything else stops seeming important. You may not be eating healthy, exercising or sleeping the way that you need to. Studies have shown that exercise can boost endorphins in your body and lead to a post-exercise “high”. By utilizing our hypnosis mp3, you can become motivated in all areas of your life. This in turn will help to increase your energy and reduce the feelings of depression that you are dealing with.

As you deal with the breakup, it may be difficult to sleep. At night, you may stay awake for hours overthinking why the relationship ended or the things that you could have done differently. Utilizing the Overcoming a Relationship Breakup hypnosis download, you can begin getting the sleep that you need to feel rested and energetic the following day. This will help you tackle the normal obstacles that life throws at you, and prevents you from becoming mired in depression and breakup-induced insomnia.

It is impossible for a hypnosis mp3 to bring your relationship back, but it will give you the confidence that you need to get your life back on track. After your self-esteem takes a hit, you need mental support and self-confidence to begin moving on. The Overcoming a Relationship Breakup hypnosis download can help you to feel confident as a single person as you begin your new life.

By tapping into your subconscious, you can change the way you think about the breakup. You can improve your current exercise and eating habits so that you enjoy a happier, healthier existence. Hypnosis can help your mind replace negative anxiety with positive subconscious thoughts. If you want to let go of the obsessive thoughts and feelings, the Overcoming a Relationship Breakup hypnosis download is for you!

Overcome a Relationship Break Up
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.