Best Hypnosis Downloads
Our hypnosis downloads have been tailored to alleviate specific problems and boost your positivity. In order to accomplish this, each download has been designed to focus on different aspects like positive messages, relaxation techniques and sensory overload. By using these time-tested, researched techniques, we are able to support you in reaching your goal.

Deep Relaxation Techniques

Throughout the download, calming voices and background music will enter your headphones. These sounds allow you to quickly and easily reach a state of total relaxation. Being in a relaxed state is ideal for hypnosis. Once the tension and stress of the day melts away, your mind becomes more receptive to suggestions that are given through hypnosis. Your relaxed mind is better able to listen, use and remember the positive affirmations and messages that are given. Through this relaxation technique, you are able to begin your journey toward your personal goals or lifestyle changes.

Positive, Powerful Messages

After years of experience in hypnosis, we know the perfect, strategic points where your subconscious is ready to receive powerful messages. At these strategic points, the story interface opens up to allow your subconscious a clear message and guide. We also utilize the very same techniques that we have successfully used with clients to ensure that each download, is profoundly effective in meeting the needs of you, our online customers. The techniques of Eriksonian hypnotherapy focus on using storytelling metaphors to transform the human mind at a subconscious level. Although you regularly use your conscious mind, your subconscious is actually responsible for many of the habits, fears and worries that you experience in life. By targeting the unconscious mind, we are able to influence the conscious actions and thoughts that you have every day.

Simple, Effortless Results

Other than headphones and an mp3 player, there are very few requirements for using hypnosis. You only have to spend an uninterrupted 30 to 45 minutes of time in order to listen to the download. During this time, your unconscious mind does the rest of the work. Within a few sessions, most people start to see a positive effect on their emotional state. You may experience better self-control, a more relaxed mindset or increased positivity. Through our downloads, you get heightened results for a cheaper price and faster time table than average self-help products.

Platinum Hypnosis Downloads

Our Platinum hypnosis downloads have been designed with two stories or two inductions (inductions are suggestions that guide you into hypnosis). Made to sound like a parable, these stories are played at the same time in each year. As you listen to the stories, you may try to listen to one or the other. Before long, your mind will start to drift off so that neither story is being focused on completely. This powerful mind training device is known as dual induction. It uses therapeutic metaphors that play simultaneously to produce the “chatter box” effect. Once you are unable to focus on either story entirely, the logical portion of your mind shuts down. While this portion is normally active when you are awake, turning it off allows you to gently overload your mind. As this takes place, it induces a state of deep relaxation where you are able to completely absorb and utilize the positive suggestions that are offered within the downloaded program.

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