Move Past Child Abuse

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Imagine being able to move on with your life without the fear or shame that often accompanies child abuse…

After experiencing abuse as a child, you may suffer from flashbacks or nightmares for years and decades afterward. Although healing is a process, it is possible to end the suffering and move on with your life.

Do you have problems trusting the people around you?
Has dealing with child abuse made you feel betrayed, fearful or helpless?
Do you have flashbacks or nightmares that remind you of the abuse?

Child abuse can be sexual, verbal or physical. Unlike other injuries, it is not something that you can just “walk off”. After experiencing child abuse, it is normal to feel shame, fear or anxiety for years afterward. If you experience these feelings, you are not alone. Through hypnosis, it is possible to overcome these feelings and start living a normal life.


Allowing yourself the freedom to move on with your life
Freedom from feeling fearful or depressed
Being able to heal after abuse
Feeling happy, healthy and empowered

Your subconscious mind holds all of the memories of your past that you have ever experienced. When you experience a particularly traumatic event, your subconscious will keep replaying the situation and the feelings that you experienced. Unfortunately, this means that victims of child abuse often dream, think or feel their encounter over and over again. Even if it has been decades since the abuse occurred, the thoughts and feelings that stem from the abuse can still affect your daily life.

Through our Move Past Child Abuse hypnosis download, you will be able to enter into a state of complete relation. While you are under hypnosis, you will be guided through positive affirmations and suggestions that help you to change the way your subconscious mind operates. Hypnosis allows you to target the feelings and thoughts that are getting in the way of your current life. After alleviating the fear, shame and negativity in your mind, hypnosis replaces these thoughts with a sense of empowerment and a positive attitude. Through working with the subconscious mind, you can obtain healing and behavioral change.

Hypnosis is not some corny carnival sideshow or Hollywood psychic reading. It is a well-researched process that has been clinically shown to alleviate pain, anxiety and a host of mental illnesses. Your mind is brought into a state that is similar to when you lose track of time while reading a good book or driving a car. Basically, your mental chatter is quieted so that your subconscious can emerge. In this state, your mind becomes extremely receptive to the suggestions and metaphors that can help you to change your life.

No one deserves to live with the pain and trauma of child abuse forever. If you were a victim of abuse, you can take steps today to eliminate the flashbacks, nightmares and thoughts that are causing you to re-experience the trauma. To start changing your life for the better, download the Move Past Child Abuse hypnosis mp3!

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Move Past Child Abuse
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.