Stop Smoking Pot

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Imagine feeling comfortable at a party without smoking pot…

In the last few years, an increasingly large swathe of the country has legalized recreational or medical marijuana. For individuals with an addiction to pot, this means that there are more places where it is readily available. Although this may make it harder to quit, you have a secret weapon available that can help: hypnosis.

Do you use pot to feel normal in social events?

Are most of your friends and acquaintances smokers?

Do you feel like pot is affecting your daily life?

If marijuana is affecting your ability to work or the friends you choose, then you may have an addiction. Even if marijuana lacks some of the chemically addictive properties of drugs like cocaine, it is entirely possible to develop a psychological addiction. Over time, your mind has started to use marijuana as a crutch. Rather than enjoy spending time with friends or meeting new people, many addicts use marijuana to reduce social anxiety or avoid social situations altogether.


Being able to enjoy a clear-headed, calm focus in life

Getting to do the things you love instead of sitting on a couch and smoking all day

Having more spending money after you quit

Developing new, healthier friends who do not use drugs

When you use marijuana to cope with daily life, it prevents you from truly experiencing your social, professional and romantic relationships. To tackle an addiction, you must go to the source of the problem: your mind. All craving and withdrawal symptoms begin within the mind. Over the years, your brain has been rewired to experience happiness and pleasure from marijuana. When you suddenly remove the drug from your life, it causes withdrawal symptoms like depression or a drop in mood.

At times, you may experience intense cravings to use. Since the withdrawal symptoms and cravings are both created by your subconscious mind, it is possible to alleviate the cravings through hypnosis. In a Stop Smoking Pot hypnosis download, you are guided toward a more positive, confident mindset. Through the suggestions in the mp3, your subconscious is rewired so that you crave a walk or talk with a friend instead of marijuana.

Hypnosis is the logical step toward alleviating an addiction because it targets the problem right at the source. Traditional medical treatment focuses medically managing withdrawal effects, counseling and support groups. Although these options are all good ones, you can get an extra boost in your detox by retraining your subconscious. Through hypnosis, you can reduce the urge to use and limit your cravings. Each negative emotion or action is replaced with positive affirmations and activities.

As you work toward ending your addiction, you need every tool possible to attack your inner demons. With the Stop Smoking Pot download, you can begin remaking the entire way that you approach life, your addiction and your social interactions. You deserve to be clean, healthy and happy. Check out the Stop Smoking Pot hypnosis mp3 today to take the first step toward a new, better you.

Smoking Pot hypnosis download
Stop Smoking Pot
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.