Quit Chewing Tobacco

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Imagine enjoying fresh mountain air without the taste and smell of tobacco getting in the way…

Although it receives less attention than smoking, chewing tobacco is equally harmful for your body. Within just days of quitting, your taste buds and sense of smell will start to return. As time progresses, the harmful effects of tobacco will gradually start to heal. For this to happen, you must make the first step by quitting.

Do you feel stressed or anxious when you try to quit chewing?

Are you tired of discolored teeth and the negative health effects?

Are you sick of accidentally knocking over your spittoon?

Has your doctor told you that you are at an increased risk of developing mouth and throat cancers?

You may have tried to quit chewing tobacco in the past. On one day, you decided that you would stop and you managed to maintain your resolution for a while. After a few days or weeks of quitting, a sudden stressor or a friend offering you tobacco caused you to start craving chewing tobacco again. If you are having problems with quitting tobacco for good, then hypnosis may be able to help you.


 Being able to go for days and weeks without thinking about chewing tobacco

Eliminating cravings and the urge to chew

Saving money by quitting

Enjoying better health and a reduced chance of cancer

Having better smelling breath and whiter teeth

After months or years of dipping, your health concerns may be starting to add up. Even if you just want to save money or have whiter teeth, the journey toward quitting will still be difficult. The addictive component in tobacco, nicotine, works by stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain. Over time, your mind starts to expect the boost of nicotine to feel relaxed and happy. This essentially rewires the chemicals and connections in your mind to crave nicotine.

The main problem with quitting is breaking the psychological and chemical addiction. With hypnosis, you can retrain your subconscious to seek out positive and healthier activities instead of using tobacco. Hypnosis targets the basic wiring of your mind. By listening to the Quit Chewing Tobacco hypnosis download, you can replace the addictive behaviors and cravings with positive affirmations and healthy behavior.

Developing the will power to quit can be made easier by using hypnosis. The positive thoughts and affirmations given in the download help you to feel confident about your own abilities. Instead of listening to the tiny doubts that say you can’t do it, you are given the confidence and will power that you need to quit tobacco. Without these worries or cravings holding you back, you will be able to move on in life and never look back.

Like any addiction, nicotine creates a chemical addiction that your body and mind crave to feel normal. By breaking this mental connection, you can quit without the withdrawal symptoms and cravings that you would normally have. To find out how hypnosis can help, download the Quit Chewing Tobacco mp3 now.

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Quit Chewing Tobacco hypnosis download
Quit Chewing Tobacco
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.