Move Past a Fear of Needles

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Imagine being completely relaxed and calm as you get a shot…

Although most people are a little uncomfortable around needles, there are some people who have an actual phobia surrounding syringes. If you are one of these people, the mere thought of needles may cause you to panic.

Do you faint or experience a drop in blood pressure when you are around needles?

Have you avoided going to the doctor or getting a vaccine because it might involve needles?

Are you hesitant to visit family members in the hospital because there may be needles?

A fear of needles is a serious condition that can impact your health. Although you might not need to go to the doctor now, you will need medical care at some point in your life. If you cry or faint at the sight of a needle, it can severely impact your ability to get medical treatment and stay healthy. When you have a fear of needles, even the simple task of making a doctor’s appointment can be intimidating.


Being able to get a tattoo or a vaccine feeling relaxed

Knowing that you can go to the doctor with confidence if you need to

Many people who suffer from a phobia about needles have to use relaxation techniques or take anti-anxiety medicine before they get a shot. Although these solutions will make you temporarily feel more relaxed, they do not solve the underlying problem. Over time, your subconscious has developed the learned behavior of reacting negatively to needles. If you want to get rid of your phobia for good, you must begin working directly with your subconscious.

During normal life, the mental chatter and thoughts in your mind block your ability to interact with your subconscious mind. If you want to connect to your subconscious, the thoughts that normally fill your mind must die down. Hypnosis can help this process by inducing a state of total relaxation. It is essentially similar to the way you feel when you watch a movie or get lost in a good book. The mental chatter in your mind dies down during this hypnotic state, and you are able to work directly with your subconscious.

When you begin the Move Past a Fear of Needles hypnosis download, your subconscious is given powerful suggestions that help to reprogram your mind. The negative thoughts and fears that you have about needles are replaced with pleasant emotions. By reframing the way you think about needles, hypnosis allows you to go to the doctor or get a tattoo without feeling stressed or anxious. Whether you need to test your blood sugar or get an inoculation, hypnosis can help.

Positive suggestions, affirmations and relaxation techniques can change the way that you experience life. No one deserves to live with a phobia, and a fear of needles can be especially dangerous. To take the first step on your journey toward a more relaxed, happier state of mind, download the Move Past a Fear of Needles hypnosis MP3 today.

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Hypnosis Download for a Fear of Needles MP3
Move Past a Fear of Needles
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.