Calm and Healthy Chemotherapy



Imagine being free of the nausea, pain and stress of chemotherapy side effects. You can manage chemotherapy symptoms without having to use harmful pain killers. With hypnosis, you can escape the pain and live life again.

If you suffer from side effects, you may always wonder:

“How can I live my life if I am in constant pain?”

“Will this nausea ever stop?”

“How can I enjoy my hobbies when I can’t get out of bed?”

“Will I ever want to eat again?”

Chemotherapy can cause unwanted side effects. From a lack of hunger to nausea, these side effects make it hard to remain calm and positive. It feels like you are wasting each day as you struggle to get out of bed in the morning. Through hypnosis, you can manage chemotherapy symptoms and start enjoying your life.

Imagine . . .

– Feeling hungry and wanting to eat.

– Having more energy and less pain.

– Escaping from constant nausea.

– Getting to enjoy life again.

Hypnosis is a natural way to retrain your mind. It is like when you lose track of time while reading or driving. In this relaxed state, you can reshape your mind to feel less pain, nausea and side effects.

Manage Chemotherapy Symptoms

Through hypnosis, you can manage chemotherapy symptoms. You gain confidence in your doctor and feel better again. It changes how your mind perceives pain. Your mind no longer feels the pain or nausea signals. As a result, you feel healthier

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Calm and Healthy Chemotherapy
Calm and Healthy Chemotherapy