Overcome Nail Biting

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Imagine being able to have beautiful nails without having to resort to gross tasting nail polish or fake nails…

It is estimated that roughly 20 percent of people will develop a nail biting habit at some point in their lives. Beyond just looking terrible, nail biting can actually be bad for the your physical health and spread germs.

Do you resort to biting nails when you are stressed out?

Have you tried using foul-tasting nail polish to stop and nothing works?

Are your nails short and stubby?

If you have a nail biting habit, you have probably tried using one of the anti-biting solutions that are on the market. Although this will make your nails taste terrible, they are often not effective at getting you to stop. This is because they do not target the subconscious habit that is at the root of your problem.


Being able to use positive habits to replace nail biting

Having beautiful, longer nails

Not worrying about the bacteria that could be transferred by nail biting

Learning how to deal with stress in a more positive manner

Developing an aversion to nail biting that makes you want to stop

Biting your nails is a habit that develops over time. This nervous habit is more common when you have a stressful situation like a date, business event or a social occasion where you do not feel confident. As a result, you bite your nails to allay some of the stress. You may also bite your nails during tedious or boring activities like checking your email, watching television or cooking dinner.

Over time, your mind has become accustomed to using nail biting as an outlet for boredom or stress. To stop this habit, you must work with the subconscious mind to completely change the way that you experience negative feelings. Through the Overcome Nail Biting mp3, you will develop positive stress relievers like taking a walk, enjoying a bath or exercising.

Nail biting hypnosis is designed to get you to notice when you are biting your nails so that you can stop your habit. You may bite your nails without realizing it, so one of the first steps is getting you to notice the habit. Afterward, you are able to stop doing it. Although you may have enjoyed biting your nails and the stress relief it offered, hypnosis will train your mind to view the taste of nails as disgusting. By working with your subconscious, you are able to eliminate nail biting at the root level.

The Overcome Nail Biting hypnosis download is designed to completely retrain your subconscious. While anti-nail biting polishes and solutions do not work, hypnosis does because it tackles the problem at its base. If your goal is to stop biting your nails, you must change this habit by retraining your subconscious and developing an aversion to nail biting. You deserve to have beautiful, healthy nails. Through the Overcome Nail Biting mp3, you can get the nails you want by overcoming your nail biting habit for good.

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Overcome Nail Biting download
Overcome Nail Biting
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.