Improve Your Golf Game

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Imagine being in the zone as you play golf…

While physical training and practice are important, part of succeeding at golf is entirely mental. At some point, most dedicated golfers start searching for something that will give them the edge. You know your routine: check your posture, the wind, the ball and how you are standing. Beyond just following your routine and training for success, you can mentally prepare for your best golf game.

Do you get performance anxiety when other people are watching you play?

Do you have the perfect swing, but continue to perform worse than you ought to?

Do you want to get an edge in your golf game?

Even professional athletes encounter mental blocks when it comes to playing golf. When it comes down to it, 80 percent of your golf game is all about your mental attitude. After spending so much time training your physical ability and technique, you deserve to spend some time preparing yourself mentally as well.


Being able to have the performance that you deserve

Feeling confident as you prepare to swing

Getting over any mental blocks that are hurting your ability to perform at your best

Before you go to swing, you have to be mentally prepared. Talented golfers are able to have the right attitude and focus on the game. For you to succeed at golf, you must be able to develop the same mental focus and confidence. By visualizing your game and boosting your self-esteem, you can ensure that you play your best every time you hit the course.

This is a package of 2 recordings for Golf Improvement!

The Improve Your Golf Game hypnosis downloads are designed to get your mind to completely relax. During the download, you will be coached on visualizing the perfect swing and achieving your goals. In addition to visualization, your subconscious will receive positive affirmations that help you to feel relaxed and confident as you prepare to play. Your mind will think that it is a champion golfer. As a result, you will play like you are a champion golfer.

Within your body, your subconscious plays a key role in coordinating muscle movements. Your mind sends out signals to your nerves to move, and these messages are transferred throughout your body. When you are in a stressed out state of mind, your muscles become tight and your subconscious sends out the wrong signals. By harnessing your subconscious, you are able to overcome the nervous energy that is holding you back.

In essence, Improve Your Golf Game hypnosis mp3s are designed to retrain your subconscious to be relaxed and confident. It removes the uncertainty that leads to bad swings and ensures that doubts do not hold you back. This mental conditioning transforms your golf game into something that is entirely automatic. After visualizing the perfect swing, you are able to follow through in real life.

If you are regularly playing golf, then you deserve to give your game a boost. You spend so much time training your body, and you need to train your mind as well. For the dedicated golfer, the Improve Your Golf Game downloads are designed to take you to the mental state that you need to succeed.

*The recordings have some similarities but also some important differences. One recording has 2 voices speaking at the same time to create overload and confusion that can deepen the hypnotic experience.

Improve Your Golf Game hypnosis mp3
Improve Your Golf Game
Original price was: $49.95.Current price is: $39.95.